Bookkeeping services

We offer bookkeeping services from primary document processing to report drafting and submitting. We also provide consultations of tax related matters, representing of clients in the all institutions of tax administration, as well as registering in the register of VAT and register of tax payers. We can help create and improve yours company’s account management model. Advice can be given verbally and in writing in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English languages.

The accounting processing includes the following services:

  • Keeping and issuing of the primary records (by client’s request);
  • Accounting of staff: payroll accounting, preparation of orders related to accounting of staff;
  • Preparation of tax’s declaration and submission of these declaration for supervisory institutions: State taxman (ST), Sodra, centre of register;
  • Preparation of financial reports: profit (loss) statement, balance, account of flow of money, account of company’s consolidation and others;
  • Services of accounting of packages;
  • Performance of payment orders for goods and services to suppliers, employees, monitoring bodies;
  • Billing control, adjustment of suppliers / buyers debts;
  • Representation of the monitoring bodies;
  • Consultations.

Handling of abandoned accounting

Please contact us, if yours company’s accounting and bookkeeping have not been kept for a while or if you want to make sure, that yours company accounting and bookkeeping is arranging in accordance with law of Republic of Lithuania. Our experienced accountants will handle abandoned accounting of yours company, correct errors. We also offer consultations of the tax’s and accounting’s matter. We assume full responsibility of correctness of our correctness report from the moment you entrust your account to us.

Senior bookkeeper services

These services dedicated for companies, which have a bookkeeper-accountant, who does a simple accounting transactions within the company. In this case the primary data is entered in your company and the senior bookkeeper fully perform all accounting duties.