Companies for sale

We sell a newly set up units (UAB) which has not performed any actions. We prepare company‘s sale documents within 1 hour with no additional fees. Actually, it is a solution for whose you wish to obtain a private limited liability company (UAB) and launch their activity shortly.

The company’s sales package includes:

  • Comprehensive list of company from Register of Legal Entities;
  • prepared documents of company formation;
  • opened account in bank;
  • companies registered address;
  • formed authorized capital;
  • stamp.

We have new private limited liability company (UAB) (VAT payers and not VAT payers). All companies are fully ready, with authorized capital. Companies do not have any debts and obligations.

The price of new private limited liability company (not VAT payers) with the authorized capital is 250 EUR.

The price of company’s VAT registration (if required) is 80 EUR.

If you sign with us an unlimited contract of provision of accounting services, then the price of company (UAB) will be 190 EUR. Monthly price of accounting services start from 60 EUR.

Ask for a list of companies, it is changing every day.